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Mount selection suggestions for Arken ZULUS

 As of February 2024, there are a total of 5 mounts available for the Arken Zulus, as detailed in the chart below. The main differences lie in three aspects: the type of rail they are compatible with, the angle of inclination, and their length. Due to the varying configurations of each firearm, as well as individual usage habits and scenarios, there is no standard formula to dictate the selection process. However, there are still some principles that can be considered.

Type Length Width High MOA
PMS 132mm 21mm 24.4mm 0
PML 160mm 21mm 24.4mm 0
PM35S 132mm 21mm 24.4mm 35
PM35L 160mm 21mm 24.4mm 35
PM20S 132mm 21mm 24.4mm 20

PMS: Digital Scope Mount Picatinny 0MOA Standard
PML: Digital Scope Mount Picatinny 0MOA Long
PM35S: Digital Scope Mount Picatinny 35MOA Standard
PM35L: Digital Scope Mount Picatinny 35MOA Long
PM20S:  Digital Scope Mount Picatinny 20MOA Standard

The choice of rail type is limited to either Picatinny or dovetail, just select the corresponding option based on your gun's rail type. The length of the mount is related to the range of rail installation and eyepiece distance. In necessary circumstances, opting for a longer rail can expand the installation range.

Selecting the appropriate angle of inclination for the mount can be challenging, as each firearm has different ballistic characteristics, and it's difficult to grasp ballistic data without firing. Choosing incorrectly can result in the zero point not being centered, or insufficient adjustment range for long-distance shooting.
For air rifles, especially those with a caliber of 4.5mm or lower kinetic energy and initial velocity, the trajectory tends to be more curved. Using a mount with an inclination angle makes it easier to center the zero point on the screen. Similarly, for long-distance shooting where there is a significant drop in trajectory, requiring large adjustment amounts, it is recommended to use a mount with an inclination angle.

If the rifle comes with a 20 MOA rail, there is no need for an additional compensating mount. A 0 MOA mount would be the appropriate choice.

The above are some reference principles for mount selection. If you still have questions, you can refer to the settings of your previous scope, or directly email us for advice. (Email:

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