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Ask Me Anything. Week2 (May 17th)

Recently, we've received some inquiries from users regarding our product. In this blog post, we'll showcase the questions and answers users have raised over the past period, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of our product and address any queries you may have.

Q1: is it possible to run the scope only with an external power bank (DC 5V 2 A)?

A1:Regarding your question, yes, you can run the scope using an external power bank with a DC 5V 2A output.
However, we recommend removing the battery and charging it separately for optimal performance.

Q2:Why would my range finder keep saying "out of range " obviously I've done something wrong.cheers

A2:If the ranging distance exceeds the farthest distance set in the ballistic table (end distance), it will prompt "out of range." Resolve this by setting the farthest distance beyond commonly used shooting records. Also, consider setting a smaller step value (incremental distance) for finer calculation results.





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