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Ask Me Anything. Week1 (April 26th)

Lately, we've been inundated with questions from our users about our products. Their curiosity and enthusiasm for our offerings have been truly inspiring. In order to address their concerns more effectively, we've compiled a selection of questions asked by our users over the past week and provided detailed answers. In this blog post, we'll present these questions and answers to you, allowing you to gain deeper insights into our products and resolve any queries you may have encountered.

Q1. "Can i move recticle to center at the screen? It looks not nice if 5x zoom put as video. Already update firmware. As you can see , at 7.5x zoom or 10x zoom Recticle will be at center. "

A1: It's normal for the reticle to appear off-center when using the base magnification(for instance, 5x for ZHD 520).
Auto center function starts from 7.5x, and gradually move to center, with the zoom rate increases to 20x (if the offset of reticle is little, 7.5x will be exactly center reticle).

Q2. "What a mount will I need for a HW 100 KT?"

A2: First of all, we need to know the rail specs of your HW 100 KT, which includes the type of it: Pictinny, or Dovetail, and the built-in inclination of the rail, such as 0MOA. Additionally, we would like to know your usual shooting distances.
Based on the info mentioned above, we can select between PM series and PDM series with different MOA inclination.

Q3. "Hello. Can we use Zulus lrf on hunting rifle "

A3: Hello. Yes, you can use the Zulus LRF on a hunting rifle chambered in .308 Win. However, please note that our Zulus have 45mm eye relief, which is shorter than day scope.
Be careful when using firearms with heavy recoil as your eye and face are closer to the Zulus than a regular day optics. Use proper discretion and recoil management if you need to use a heavy recoiling firearm.

Q4. "I wonder if you can help me regarding your ballistics app software.I would like to know what the dual light mode setting is for? When selected it brings up another set of data on the ballistics table "

A4: The dual light mode setting is specifically designed for our new product, the TNC225R.
When selected, it brings up another set of data on the ballistics table tailored to the specifications and features of the TNC225R.

Q5. "Just purchased the Arken Zulus 5-20 LRF. I have a FX Impact M3 i cal .30 with 700mm liner. It has a twist rate of 1:40. Unfortunately I can get the right twist rate for my rifle due to your max limitation on 1:30"

A5: We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the twist rate limitation in our ballistic app.
Our development team has received your feedback, rest assured, we will address this limitation in the next update of our ballistic app by increasing the maximum twist rate to 1:40 and above.

Q6. "I have looked on the new update regarding listing of pellets but the pellet I use is not listed this being JTS Dead centre 250ct .22 1.042g. , 16.08grAre these going to be added?"

A6: We appreciate your feedback regarding the pellets.
We do plan to add them to our listing, but it will take some time as we need to gather the necessary data.

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