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Arken IR Torch: User Experience Survey Highlights

1.How often do you use the scope at night, and does the IR torch serve you well during night conditions?

“Yes I shoot at night for rats and rabbits this scope was a game changer for me, I was struggling to get the correct range for rabbits, so as soon I as saw the scope I knew that was the answer, the it light is very good for it's size, however anything 100 yards plus only illuminate the rabbits eyes, so once I start shooting with my fac PCP rifle I will probably need an extra directional light”

“2-3 times per week. At the range I'm currently working the IR works fine. Only criticism would be battery life remains short with the scope & IR drawing from one 18650 cell, this often requires a change of battery per hunting session.”

“Once or twice a week, yes the torch has served me well, no issues”

2.What's your typical aiming distance at night, and what level of IR that makes the best image quality for that distance?  

“20-25yards max ir gives clearest picture, but even 1st setting light gives good picture but grainier”

“I usually shoot 30-70yards and I set the light on automatic which works well”

“Ratting at 10m-50m often up to 25m. Level 1 IR remains sufficient.”

“Mainly rats at max 30 yards, but spotting rabbits over 100 yards”

“My normal zero range is 30 yds and so far using level 1 on automatic works fine.”

3.Our scope has the function of decreasing IR level after extended period, for the purpose of saving battery power and avoiding overheat.  Do you have any any problem with this automatic adjustment of IR level, please let us know your thoughts.

“No it’s been fine up to now I always carry around 6 batteries on every outing only takes a second or two to change”

“I prefer manual adjustment of the IR. I carry multiple spare, full-charged batteries so the battery saving function is no use to me.”

“none at all, although i do not leave it on for any lenght of time”

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