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Arken Zulus 5x20 Bravo!

Ventured into the world of day/night scopes with LRF & BC worried about the complexity of setting them up, needn't have worried! Was relatively straightforward process and my goodness the results were outstanding. Couldn't be happier with my investment in this scope, so much so I've ordered the new version already! Brilliant pieces of kit and unbelievable value for money, well done Arken.

Superb very impressed

This scope is my first step into a digital and night vision scope and i must say I'm glad i bought it. Previously I was using a vector veyron but I must say the Zulus is amazing, packed with many useful features for hunting. The built in LRF is great and saves me having to carry an extra item and then the ballistic calculator tops it off almost feels like cheating when it tells me where to aim. Camera quality being HD is great as well


This is a bloody good scope for the money. Beautifully clear picture day or night. Easy to use apps, online video's fill in the gaps. The ballistic calculator is spot on, nice clear adjustment indicator. My rifle is accurate out to 75m, I was hitting a 1" group just over 100m. The IR on the first click is all I needed to do 150m. Works on a battery pack through the supplied lead so extends your night with no need to change batteries. Picture is nice on all magnifications, not used the record feature yet so can't comment on that. I got this because I wanted the ballistic part but can't afford a new thermal, more than glad I did.

Zulus 940nm IR

Works very well targets not so easily spooked when using the 940.
Very easy to swop between the two.

arken zulus

well not disappointed truly a great piece of kit might even buy another

Solid Mount / 34mm & 20 MOA

Very well and sturdily crafted mount for my .22lr rifle.
The workmanship is impeccable, and there are no sharp edges or damages to be found. The mount also makes a very good impression visually.

great scope

The riflescope is truly excellent. I have pondered for a long time about which riflescope would be best suited for me. When I unpacked it today and held it in my hands for the first time, I was glad to have chosen the SH-4J. The appearance of the riflescope is very appealing, and the craftsmanship appears flawless from my perspective. The quality of the glass more than adequately meets my sporting needs.

Arken zulus

Found it simple enough to zero this but I wish Arken optics and all nv manufacturers would put out a step by step instruction video that would be amazing thank you yours Mr Neil Carrington

Digital Scope Rigid Precision Mounts
shane hudson/Yorkshire Mortor
0 moa mount

Nice mount just what I needed better for me as rifle is already 20 moa
Service was excellent

Excellent mount

Good quality 0moa mount perfect for my air rifle with minimum adjustment tough with excellent build quality highly recommended

Absolutely Gobsmacked

Bought the Arken Zulus LRF instead of a Pard 008 LRF, Im so glad I did, so much better optics than the Pards, sighted it up today hitting groupds of a 1p at 35 yards, havent set up the ballistic calculator yet as my mate wants to do it as he wants to get one. You dont loose any clarity day or night when zooming in. Went to pick up an FX chrono yesterday and the guy has a Zulus LRF too and he was ravining about his hitting rabbits at over 65 yards with a sub 12 with ease, cant wait to set mine up, makes my P15 so light too. Only thing l would like is an option of a flip cover on the rear lense as dont like rubber eyepieces but thats my only gripe, easy to use 100% better than my sightmark Wraiths which are pants compared to the Zulus, so pleasesd l opted to get one and 4 day delivery too, well down.

Great scope

Very compact easy to mount/setup using the recommended apps. Would highly recommend


Świetna luneta, odraz HD nawet przy słabym świetle. Mała i zgrabna, idealna na AR-a

Air Rifle 0moa Mount

I originally received the 30 moa Mount with My ZHD520 - ZULUS HD 5-20X Digital Night Vision Scope and mounted this to my HW100 using the Weihrauch supplied Dovetail to Picatinny Adaptor and this all fitted well when I zero'd the scope I found that the Reticle was a little high on the screen
I noticed that the 0 moa Mount became available so sent off for this and fitted the same
Re- Zero'd and now the Reticle is in the perfect place
Missed out on the offer to get a freebie one

Good price for a quality product.

Quick and easy to mount. Good price for a quality product. No more rifle cant. It's mounted on my EP5

Should have an option on Scope purchase

I know it is an option now. However it was the original owners and their reviews that have put this scope out there. The only option of 35MOA and did not suit the majority and once Arken started given the option they should have offered the 0 discounted to trailblazers. Especially as they are now offering 2for1 offers on accessories and gifting merc.
Moving forward why not offer with or without mount and the mount being adjustable with various common rail converters included.
Nobody likes buying a scope then have to spend again on specific mounts

Exelent kii

The mounts are just perfect

Great piece of kit

I could write a lengthy review but the Zulus ticks all the boxes, what a great piece of kit. The clarity and ease of use once you set it up is sublime. YouTube video placeholder

Best day night scope for the money my personal opinion is its better than pard which is £300 more

Holdover marker-ranging error

The scope all I all is very good the only issues I have is the ranging is a bit temperamental and comes up with error but the main issue for me is when in holdover mode the marker is very small and hard to see . Having looked through a Pard 008 there is definitely a substantial difference

>excellent solid mount

Using this mount on my completion .22lr rifle to hold an Arken EP5 in place. So far it's doing an excellent job. Its very robust and with it's built in 20MOA, a 20MOA rail and plenty of internal scope adjustment it can easily reach out further than I need. I love the handy laser etched torque values. They are bold and easy to see. All in all very pleased with this mount.

Impressive scope!

Best value scope out there for bang for buck. Well made, tracks well, bright and well designed.
I thought I would have reservations over the reticle but it's actually very good. Recommended, big time!

Mount arrived damaged but...

I contacted Arken to say the Torq key had been left loose in the mount box, damaging the mount finish. An arrangement was quickly reached, great service.
The mount is superb, ftted straight onto my Leshiy 2, with the 1-8×28 Arken scope. Both great performers, amazingly so at this price point! I have some nice glass (Vortex, SIG etc) and this compares very well!
Great optics, great service.

Arken Zulus HD 5-20 LRF

The scope has just arrived to me, but my first impressions have already been very positive. The image is of great quality both during the day and at night, even at 20x zoom it does not lose much sharpness. The Zulus is very solidly made and in my opinion it is a compact night vision scope compared to other brands. With a clear conscience, I can recommend this night vision device to anyone YouTube video placeholder
Arken zulus

I am very pleased with the image and sound quality of the recordings, (as a owner of a ATN 4K Pro).
Very easy to set up / zero.
It would have been nice to have an option on the scope mount as it comes with a 35 moa mount, Now there is a 0 moa mount option you can purchase!!! I will assume at an extre cost.
I have it on a sub 12 air rifle.
But I would highly recommend this scope .