Arken Ballistics App Usage - FAQ

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You don't need to understand complex terms or have extensive knowledge of ballistics. Simply measure and input ballistic parameters accurately to get the ballistic solution. Arken Ballistics' ballistic algorithm has been tested through live shooting and theoretical analysis, ensuring sufficient accuracy to meet the requirements of hunting and shooting.

Ensure that the app has the necessary permissions for Bluetooth, WiFi, and local file access. It is essential to enable GPS location during app usage; otherwise, normal app operation and connection may be affected. Consider clearing the cache or reinstalling the app to resolve connection issues.

Bluetooth and WiFi have limited transmission distances, and increased distances may lead to disconnection or delays in connection. It is advisable to maintain a close distance and minimize obstructions.

The device lacks computational capabilities, so the ballistic calculations are carried out on the phone. In real-time calculation mode, a continuous connection is required; otherwise, ballistic calculations cannot be performed. In ballistic table mode, the ballistic table file needs to be uploaded to the device before accessing ballistic data.

Measure the diameter of the scope tube in front of the bell mouth, then divide that number by 2. Measure the diameter of the scope hood itself, then divide that number by 2. Measure the gap between the bottom of the scope hood and the barrel. Add these three numbers to obtain your scope height.

Google Play may not support some phones, preventing the download through Google Play. Email to request the latest installation package.

The tilt angle of the rail or mount does not affect the calculation results. As long as you input the correct scope height, zero distance, actual parameters, and the parameter for the tilt angle between the scope and the barrel, normal input of accurate scope parameters is sufficient.

Ensure that after inputting the corresponding parameters, you click save; otherwise, the data changes will not take effect.

The ballistic algorithm includes calculating wind spin drift.

If the ranging distance exceeds the farthest distance set in the ballistic table (end distance), it will prompt "out of range." Resolve this by setting the farthest distance beyond commonly used shooting records. Also, consider setting a smaller step value (incremental distance) for finer calculation results.